Secret Service protects Obama and bangs hookers from Colombia

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WASHINGTON — The Secret Service has uncovered evidence that all 11 members under investigation for alleged misconduct with prostitutes in Colombia before President Obama’s arrival there for a summit meeting last weekend had taken women to their rooms, Representative Peter T. King, the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said on Tuesday.

Investigators for the Secret Service in Colombia are seeking to interview the women, Mr. King said, adding that the agency had copies of their identification cards, which they were required to leave with the hotel before going into the rooms. He said that additional Secret Service members had been dispatched to Colombia to conduct interviews and that the Colombian government was “not being unhelpful” with the investigation.

“The 11 agents are having different recollections about what happened or are not telling the truth,” said Mr. King, who was briefed on the investigation on Tuesday morning by the head of the Secret Service, Mark J. Sullivan.

The 11 individuals were part of a much larger Secret Service contingent, numbering in the dozens, that was supporting Mr. Obama’s visit. The group arrived in Colombia on Tuesday or Wednesday and, according to Mr. King and a senior United States official, had not yet been briefed on their specific assignments or started their official trip duties when they went out on Wednesday night and met the women.

Big deal, what man doesn’t like some Latin booty?