Destroyer (Kiss – 1976)

God of Thunder – No virgins kneeled before me. However, my luck with women has been good (sex wise; not dating wise) this year. I’ve had a lot of fun this year to say the least. I want to settle down with one woman but until then, I will have my fun.

Great Expectations – When I meet women I keep my expectations low. Don’t get me wrong, I have standards and want something long-term and real. I never catch a break though. I saw a friend’s cousin. What drama that turned out to be. I tried talking to a girl at work. Wow, what a nut-case. I gave my ex another chance. What a dumb bimbo and a complete waste of time.

Shout It Out Loud – I hate people who are crazy and bitch. I picked up an ex and tried being a nice guy. The bitch got jealous about a better looking girl at the bar who spoke to me. She whined that I take her home. I agreed. After minutes of non-stop bitching, she demanded I pull over and let her out. I agreed. Then the bitch refused to get out of my car. Of course I won the battle and the bitch walked home. My eardrums are still ringing from her drama ass crying.

Do You Love Me – Apparently our “loving” God has a great sense of humor. He likes to taunt me with fake ass women that play games. Can’t a white cracker like me have some love? What more does a white face have to do?