Fake bimbo



So I met a bimbo named Lisa. We were supposed to go out Wednesday.  She canceled claiming her sister was in a wreck. She asked what she could do to make it up. I asked her to go out Friday.


Guess what? She agreed and ditched me again. Why do fake whores always contact me and waste my time? Don’t these losers have better hobbies? Not like she is even hot.


Anyways, she is 31 with a kid. I now see why her ex left her. Oh well. Another dumb loser. She probably has herpes.




Lance Armstrong finally admits he doped

Full story here

AUSTIN, TexasA person familiar with the situation says Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah Winfrey during an interview Monday that he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France.


The admission — made in an interview to be broadcast Thursday on Winfrey’s network — was first revealed by the Associated Press and later confirmed by CBS News. Winfrey will appear on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday to talk about the Armstrong interview.


After the interview, Winfrey tweeted: “Just wrapped with @lancearmstrong More than 2 1/2 hours . He came READY!”


The confession was a stunning reversal for Armstrong after years of public statements, interviews and court battles in which he denied doping and zealously protected his reputation.


Just hours before the revelation, Armstrong appeared at the cancer charity he founded and tearfully apologized to the Livestrong charity that he founded and turned into a global institution on the strength of his celebrity as a cancer survivor.


Armstrong later huddled with almost a dozen people before stepping into a room set up for the Winfrey interview at a downtown Austin hotel.


The group included close friends and advisers, two of his lawyers and Bill Stapleton, his agent, manager and business partner. They exchanged handshakes and smiles, but declined comment when approached by a reporter. Most members of that group left the hotel through the front entrance around 5 p.m., although Armstrong was not with them.


No further details about the interview were available immediately because of confidentiality agreements signed by both camps. But Winfrey promoted it as a “no-holds barred” session


Winfrey and her crew had earlier said they would film the interview at his home but the location apparently changed to a hotel. Local and international news crews staked out positions in front of the cyclist’s Spanish-style villa before dawn, hoping to catch a glimpse of Winfrey or Armstrong.


Armstrong still managed to slip away for a run Monday morning despite the crowds gathering outside his house. He returned home by cutting through a neighbor’s yard and hopping a fence.

I am “Archie Langdon” lol

Back in February or March of this year I started receiving phone calls from a collections agency. At first they were calling 4-5 times a day. I would either miss the calls or not answer them because I did not recognize the number. After about two weeks of missed calls and around 50-60 overall calls, I called them to see who they were. A rude woman answered and asked me to identify myself. I said “No. I don’t know you and I refuse you to give you my name.” She then asked for my number. I gave it to her. She then asked, “Are you Archie Langdon?”

Of course I answered no because that’s not even close to being my name. She then kept asking me did I know him or his whereabouts. I then told her to please lose my number and stop calling me because I am not him, nor do I know him. A few days later they called me again. It was a different woman asking for Mr. Langdon. I said, “I am not him.” She then asked, “Do you know him?” I said “Yes, yes I do. He said you losers are never going to see a dime of that money. Now fuck off.” They called for about three straight days. I finally answered and went off on a woman. I basically told her I had asked them to stop calling because I am not the person they want. I informed her that I was going to report them for phone harassment. That finally put an end to them calling me.

Today I woke up and had a missed call from a 1-866 number. They had left a voicemail. It was a car loan place looking for Archie Langdon. Apparently Mr. Langdon owes Jeff Harvey’s Auto some cash. I guess these assholes will be calling me every other day now. I’m not sure if Mr. Langdon is leaving fake numbers or my current number was once his number? I do know I am sick of people calling me asking for him. I am not Archie Langdon.

Mr. Langdon, are you reading this? If you are, can you please stop using my number? Can you use my ex’s number, 502-235-2014? Can you use this slut’s number I just found on Craigslist, 502-635-3799? How about using this hooker’s number from Backpage, 502-314-5058? Please, stop using my number!

Finding Bigfoot – Fucking Losers

(Get a real fucking job, losers!)

Matt Moneymaker – Can we say “40 year-old virgin”? It’s the same with him every time. They hear a noise and its “Big Foot”. Give me a fucking break. Why can’t they ever catch it on film then?

James “Bobo” Fay - All I’m going to say about this loser is this, he should have been aborted at birth.

 Cliff Barackman – Typical nerd. Not as bad as the top two but still a fucking loser. Must be nice to get paid to track something that doesn’t exist.

Ranae Holland – Besides looking like my brother, she is the most reasonable of the group. She is actually decent to listen to since not every noise, hair or footprint found is automatically Bigfoot’s.

They cheat……………………..

Lance Thomas of Duke somehow came across $100,000. The NCAA hardly seems  interested in the case. It seems they are too busy making sure players from Turkey that UK recruit can’t play.

UNC players don’t even have to attend class. Hell, UNC fakes their grades. What is their punishment? They investigate themselves and nothing happens! They are too busy harassing UK recruits that are still in high school.

Syracuse players can abuse drugs. The NCAA does nothing. They are too busy looking over “fake polls” about UK cheating.

UCONN can cheat. They get a “slap on the wrist” for doing so. The NCAA is more worried about a UK recruit and his airline flight.

Apparently the rules for the Kentucky Wildcats and other programs are different. UK has to follow the rules while other colleges do not. CBS, ESPN and other mainstream news turn a blind eye when other schools cheat. Sad part is UK still competes with these cheating programs. Just think if UK did cheat. Hell, Coach Cal would be going for a three-peat!