People we all know


Black guy that pretends to be white -

Instead of talking normal, he tries way too hard to blend in with white people. He loves Martha Stewart, listens to Pearl Jam and Nirvana and follows the NHL.

Puerto Rican girl with ghetto ass –

No complaining here. Just someone we all know!

Old paranoid Jewish guy

He hates every gentile, especially those with “German” sounding last names.

The hot mom that hits on her daughter’s boyfriend -

She will grab her daughter’s boyfriend right by the crotch even with her daughter in the room.


I’m shocked and I’m not shocked

Not Shocked - That another “troubled” teen shot up a school. When parents allow Jersey Shore, I-Phones and others to raise their kids, what do you expect?

Shocked -That Fox News did not bad mouth Obama about his speech given at Sandy Hook.

Not Shocked -That gun haters are bitching and moaning about more gun laws needed.

Shocked -“Cougar Town” has not yet been canceled.

Not Shocked – That reporters only caring about a news story interviewed children moments after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Shocked - That TBS still uses the slogan “Very Funny” since most of the shows on there are anything but funny.

Why do we like porn?

Most people have seen a porn movie or parts of a porn movie. Porn has become a billion-dollar industry. What is it that we as humans like about porn? Have you actually paid attention to the movie? I can name 50 bad things about porn. Just like you however, I keep watching. Man, the tissues and hand lotion I’ve used watching porn. My smart phone buttons are even stuck together now.

The acting – How bad can the acting be before we stop calling it acting? Do they even have scripts for porn? Most lines are “Suck it baby”, “Oh yea, yea, yeah” or “Harder, or harder, faster.”

The Music – Porn may have the worst music of all-time. It’s either a disco type theme with major bass lines or new age electronic/techno. I’m convinced that the same man who wrote porn music in the 1970’s is still alive making music today.

The Male Actors – I will admit. Porn has some hot women. Have you seen the men? Don’t get me wrong, they pack a baseball bat in their pants, but come on. How are people born this ugly and hairy? Besides porn, where else do people this ugly get laid so easy?

Unrealistic – Seriously……………………. A cop pulls over a hot blonde. She blows him for freedom. The milf mom helps her hot young stepdaughter cope with a break-up with lesbian sex while the pool boy joins in. The priest has an orgy with four hot nuns…. This is not reality.


Porn lied to us

I highly doubt the pizza guy will be taking turns on three hot coeds later tonight.

How many rich milfs do you think this guy has boned in real life?

If this was porn, she’d be 19 and making out with another hot Nun while the priest did one from behind.

Why practice a cheer when you can have a lesbian orgy?