People we all know


Black guy that pretends to be white -

Instead of talking normal, he tries way too hard to blend in with white people. He loves Martha Stewart, listens to Pearl Jam and Nirvana and follows the NHL.

Puerto Rican girl with ghetto ass –

No complaining here. Just someone we all know!

Old paranoid Jewish guy

He hates every gentile, especially those with “German” sounding last names.

The hot mom that hits on her daughter’s boyfriend -

She will grab her daughter’s boyfriend right by the crotch even with her daughter in the room.


I’m shocked and I’m not shocked

Not Shocked - That another “troubled” teen shot up a school. When parents allow Jersey Shore, I-Phones and others to raise their kids, what do you expect?

Shocked -That Fox News did not bad mouth Obama about his speech given at Sandy Hook.

Not Shocked -That gun haters are bitching and moaning about more gun laws needed.

Shocked -“Cougar Town” has not yet been canceled.

Not Shocked – That reporters only caring about a news story interviewed children moments after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Shocked - That TBS still uses the slogan “Very Funny” since most of the shows on there are anything but funny.