Horror Movies based on real life


Released in 2013, “The Conjuring,” starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, is about two paranormal investigators — Ed Warren and his wife, Lorraine – and their investigation of a family that was supposedly terrorized by a dark presence when they moved into a Rhode Island farmhouse in the 1970s. The film was promoted heavily as being “based on a true story” prior to its release. Since the film’s release, some viewers have called into question the veracity of the accounts that were detailed on the silver screen. Ed Warren died in 2006 and his 86-year-old wife was unavailable for comment, but HuffPost did find someone familiar with the pair. Tony Spera, director of the New England Society for Psychic Research – an organization founded by the Warrens in 1952 – said the film is about as real as it gets. “The movie is very close to the actual events that traumatized the family,” Spera said. “Banging sounds, rapping noises, ghostly images and the presence of the witch were [all] occurrences that actually transpired in that house.” Spera also said the depictions of the Warrens were “spot on” and commented that Farmiga’s performance left him “slack jawed.”
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    The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
    Famed film critic Roger Ebert called “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” an “intriguing and perplexing movie.” The 2005 film follows the trial of Father Richard Moore, a priest played by actor Tom Wilkinson, who is charged with negligent homicide in the death of Emily Rose. The young girl supposedly died as a result of a failed exorcism. According to Brian Dunning, a writer who hosts the weekly podcast, Skeptoid, there is some real world DNA inside the cinematic feature. “[The] story is based on the 1976 case of the German girl Anneliese Michel, who died of dehydration and starvation after months of intensive exorcism activity by two Catholic priests … Anneliese had been undergoing psychiatric treatment for many years, and today we believe she suffered from both schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder,” Dunning told HuffPost. Dunning said Michel’s parents and the two priests were ultimately found guilty of manslaughter, and the case inspired some members of the Catholic Church to reform parts of the exorcism ritual. However, those reforms were largely ignored. “Psychiatrists today agree that exorcism does far more psychological harm than good,” Dunning said.
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    Eaten Alive
    Directed by Tobe Hooper, a popular screenwriter and producer, the 1977 horror film “Eaten Alive,” follows the story of a Texas hotel owner who has a penchant for murder and feeds his victims to a large pet crocodile. The film is said to be inspired by Joe Ball, a bootlegger and alleged serial killer, who operated the Sociable Inn in Elmendorf, Texas, in the early 1900s. The DVD release also includes a mini documentary about Ball. Truth be told, the only similarity between Ball and his supposed movie counterpart “Judd” is that both men have an apparent affection for crocodilians. Ball, who kept a pond full of alligators next to his inn, committed suicide in 1938, after police questioned him about the disappearance of his wife and former girlfriend. A handyman who worked for Ball allegedly admitted to helping his boss dispose of the bodies of the two missing women and led police to their remains. It was known that Ball often fed animals to his gators, so police officers searched the pond but found no human remains. Despite the lack of evidence, rumors persisted that Ball had killed as many as 30 women and fed their bodies to his alligators.
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    The Mothman Prophecies
    Released to theatres in 2002, “The Mothman Prophecies” follows John Klein, played by Richard Gere, as he leaves his Washington newspaper job to investigate sightings of winged creatures, referred to as “mothmen,” in a small West Virginia town. The film claims to be based on actual events that occurred in Point Pleasant, W.Va., between November 1966 and December 1967.Loren Coleman, founder and director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, was a consultant during the production of “The Mothman Prophecies.” According to Coleman, the film, which is based on the 1975 book of the same name by parapsychologist John Keel, is a fictionalized narrative of actual events. “‘The Mothman Prophecies’ is based in reality, but the film is [director] Mark Pellington’s docudrama/fictionalized narrative motion picture of the events,” Coleman told HuffPost. “The characters … were created from parts of the personality and experiences of … Keel. Even the character names are formed via movie scriptwriters as puns, for example [Alexander] Leek [is] Keel backwards.”

Real Life Zombie outbreak??



This isn’t a science fiction movie; It’s reality.

Our society has degraded so far down into the gutter that today’s youth will do anything to escape from reality, including taking drugs that are literally turning them into walking zombies. It’s really a sad state of affairs, but it should serve as a wake up call to those who are still in denial as to where our society is heading – The Zombie Apocalypse.

I know that’s ridiculous right? Wrong!

Real ZombiesNow I’m not talking about the Walking Dead here. I’m talking about real-life zombies who are so whacked out on drugs, television, our sick society, and countless other degenerating factors, that they have morphed into mindless soulless beasts that no longer care about their fellow human beings.

Think I’m exaggerating? Have you taken a good look at society lately? People are willing to literally kill each other over an iPhone. Forget the mindless idiots who sit in line for ten hours when the stupid phone hits the market – because heaven for bid they be caught walking around with a phone that’s more than 6 months old – no people are actually killing each other over iPhones.

But it’s not just iPhones; it’s our whole sick society. We have a culture that’s become obsessed with anything immoral and everything violent.

If you think the Zombie Apocalypse is just science fiction, take a look at what’s happening on the streets of Chicago. In my opinion, Chicago is a thousand times worse than a Zombie movie, and it could be a good look at what our future has instore for us all.

Last year alone, over 500 people where mercilessly gunned down in the streets of Chicago. Many of these people were killed simply for walking over some imaginary line in Chicago’s notorious gang filled neighborhoods.

While some would like to pass these incidents of as anomalies, or something that only affects urban areas, the problem is much more than an inner city problem.

This culture of violence has invaded every aspect of our lives. These aren’t poor urban kids in some neighborhood that you’ll never have to walk through, these are people of every race, and from every corner of America. Watch the first five minutes of your local news tonight and then tell me I’m wrong.

The Zombie Apocalypse is Here, and it’s only going to get Worse.

In my opinion, our society is just one disaster away from total collapse. Take a look at disasters like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina, and then imagine what would happen if our country were to face a similar, but prolonged nationwide disaster.

It’s not the Walking Dead who you’re going to have to worry about.

  • It’s the over half of all American who rely on prescription drugs to function that will be going through massive withdrawals once they can’t obtain their medications.
  • It’s your neighbors who will be killing each other for food and water.
  • It’s the over 50% of American who depend on Government assistance to live.
  • It’s the unprepared masses who are so reliant on modern technology who admit they wouldn’t last over 2 weeks without electricity.
  • It’s the average American Citizen who has forgotten the skills they need to survive without running to the local Walmart.

Did you know the average American spends more than 40 hours a week watching T.V.? That’s more time than someone spends working at a full-time job! According to a study commissioned by Nokia, the average cell phone user checks their phone at least 150 times a day, or approximately once every 6 minutes.

But it’s even worse when you take a look at the next generation, who spends more than 71/2 hours a day consuming digital media. Is it any wonder why society is devolving into a bunch of zombies? We have a world full of people who have literally checked out of reality.

Real life “killer car”


posted this once before with links to another site before I found out that was a “No No’. Because the story is so long I am just going to copy and paste the posts made by me on that site and let you form your own opinions.Sorr for being lazy I just didn’t want to re-type it all.
Here are links to my pictures that go along with the story. I hope it is ok to do this since they are my homepage pictures.



I don’t want anybody thinking I have seen the movie “christine” to many times but the car has an interesting story. I however never thought any of the story could be possable. I have a friend who’s father was working in the steel plant in late 1956 who had an interesting story. He said that this is where Stephen King got the idea to use these cars but would never admit to it because of legal issues with the real “Christine’s Family.
There was a woman that worked there (i’m not sure what her job was) and one of the boss’s found out that she practiced witchcraft. This being the 1950’s he did not aprove and told her that he would find a way to get her out of his factory. Sometime later he did find a way. On the Friday that was to be her last day at work there she left a note saying she would have her revenge. At the head of the factory there was a huge smelter that would take in the iron ore and super heat it to melt it down. She flung herself into it.
He even had newspaper clippings about it. The steel that was produced from that smellter is the steel that went into all of the chassis and engine blocks produced in the Plymouth passenger cars for 1957 and 1958. So in a sence her body was atomized and there is a little bit of her in the heart of each of those cars. Mine has a build date of 12/56 which makes her a very early run and one would think have a greater concentration of her remains in the steel.
Now her is the story of my “Christine”.

I saw the movie Christine and fell in love. I made the vow then and there that I would have a car like that. By the time I was 13 I found a BAD rough 57 4 door for $300 bucks. I worked all summer for that car doing odd jobs and in the fall I bought her. It was a learning experence. The more paint I sanded on the more bondo and rust I found. Needless to say she ended up falling by the wayside and getting sold.

Fast forward to when I’m 22. One day I am looking at a brand new edition of our local “trader” sals paper and I see an ad that reads “57 Plymouth for parts $100″ I called that second. The guy told me she was a wrecked 2dht that he didn’t think could be fixed. Before two more hours passed I was a his door. He walked me around to a barn where I saw my “real” Christine for the first time. Her front clip was off and taken apart, Her engine and trans was sitting beside her on a tire, Her passenger side rear quarter was bent/rolled under so badly that the car sat crooked (bent frame as well). It didn’t matter. All I could see from that point was that 2dht body line and bumper wings at all four corners. I took her home with me. To make a long story short I was young, and stupid. I did very little restoration on her and at the time had no idea how much she was worth. I got sacred off by that crash damage. I kind of fell on hard times and one day My buddy where I had her stored at called me and said that a guy had offerd me 250 bucks for her and I said OK. >>>I know, I know! How stupid could I be? I regretted it from the very first day. I never even got to say goodbye. The guy loaded her up in parts and took her with him. She was lost. My buddy gave him the open title and We never even knew his name.

Years later in 2000 after years of searching and not being able to afford another one of my beloved 2dht’s. I found a ’58 4d for a $1000. I bought it and put into storage untill I could get finished with Paramedic school and finish the restoration on a ’71 Mach 1. Jump forward to Febuary ’06. The restoration on the ’58 had begun. One day I am looking through parts on ebay when I run accross a good looking front bumper. I notice that the Item is located about 30 miles from me. I emailed the guy and asked him to call me. As our conversation evolved We figured out that he owned the same ’57 2dht that I had owned 10 years before. He had bought it from a guy 6 years ago. I ask ed if I could come and see her and he said that would be fine. I was there the next day. It was like I was meeting a long lost love. When I pulled up he had her sitting out and there she was. All put together with all of the crash damage repaired Chrome gleeming in the sun. We talked for about 4 hours. He told me that he had turned down 5K for her not long ago (I saw an oppertunity I knewe that I could get at least 7K out of the Mach in a hurry) I made him an offer and told him to think about it. He said he would. I figured that I would never see her again, He would look on ebay and see what these cars are selling for or just what a rough set of bumper wings were bringing and laugh at my offer. 2 days later he sent me an email saying he would take $7500 for her. We worked out the details and I knew the quickest way I could work this into the budget was to sell the Mach. Before that day was over the Mach was on ebay 6 hours later she sold for the “buy it now” of 8K to a guy in Austrailia. # days later after the wire transfer of funds was complete my Christine came home to me. I know I could have gotten more out of the ’71 but I wanted her sold. It was like I had made up for a terrible sin.
I remember a part from Christine where Lebay said, The I made him get rid of it, You know for decencey. ‘course it didn’t matter. The car came back 3 weeks later.

Well mine waited 10 years but when she came back she came back much better then before. She will be with me until I die.

I have found out that the crash damage she had when I got her the first time was from her first owner. I tracked down a brother of that person and he was sorry to tell me that the reason his brother crashed the car was a severe heart attack that killed him almost instantly. He died driving her. at the age of
Hows that for spooky? This happened in 1986. He was 50 years old

You feel a peace with the car. I feel drawn to her and made safe inside her. My wife feels dread, claims the wrap around windshield makes her car sick simply by getting inside. (i mean VERY sick) Guy’s I’m not crazy and I have not seen Christine to much. Something dark is going on with her. I worked with a partner the shift before last that felt very “uncomfortible” when I pulled her into the bay. I never said a word about the car and she ahs never seen the movie. She got very jumpy and I asked her to sit in it and turn on the signal lights so I could make sure they worked she wouldn’t. Said old cars “just bothered her” So she checked the lights. When I turned on the headlights with her in front she moved away. I never asked her about her feelings for fear that it would get out in the FD that I think my car is haunted. She never said anything directly toward the car as being her problem.

I wanted to add something that I have not shared with everyone here in public only in pm’s. I feel that nobody is going to call me crazy so here goes.
There are times when I am working on the car that it’s like I loose time. I don’t mean loose track of time. I mean I will start working on one thing then there is a blank half hour and I find myself working on something else. The job I started will be finished. As I sit here telling you this it’s like I am scared she will somehow know it. There are time when I go to places to play with my sensitive ability’s at feeling spirits and if I get scared,mad, sad, or any other bad emotion I can just touch her or for the best results get inside her and then it’s all gone. I feel peacefull. The more I drive her the better she seems to be.
There are other changes in myself I notice but, I only notice them when I am away from her like now. I tend to have dark violent thoughts, I think about sex way more often. (yes more than once every 7 minutes ) I put her on a pedistal and my devotion to her has passed obsession.

This is from a second thread posted a few months later.

I am just going to start typing and you will have to look over my spelling and type O’s I want this to be from the heart.
It seems the more I restore her the stronger her hold on me gets… I have a friend that is a maintenance guy at a factory and he has all kinds of toys I borrowed a electro magnetic field detector from him after seeing that show ghost hunters and did a little test. With no battery hooked to the car and it was outside the garrage with no lights on at all I found that inside the car it reads 0.46 to 0.50, close to her but not inside her it reads 0.20 to 0.00 depending on how close you get. I got back inside her and the reading droped off to 0.10 to 0.14 then suddenly shot up to a high of 0.78 and droped back to 0.10 just as fast.
Today I noticed a sweet smell that was just like chanell #5 (some of you are old enough to know what that is) There is no interior in her at all right now.
I am putting in 10 to 12 hour days on my 48 off from work (I work 24 on 48 off) My obsession is unreal…Wierd things are changing about me that I can’t explane…. Sometime it’s like i’m me and other it’s like I don’t even have the same interestes. My wife thinks I am just determined to get her finished but then again she is not a beleaver.
Getting rid of her is not an option…….Period. I am not crazy!!!! This is real!!!! just because the car is the same as a famous fictional demon car is Coincidence. and if you don’t beleave me then quit reading….
Part of me wants to scream for help and another feels angry all the time….
What is happening to me…..Why am I here typing this for all of you to see? I feel so alone right now…
pain…..hate…..birth…..grasp…….Word poping into my head….. am I lost? why? I am just typing now free thoughts hoping maybe someone can put them together and help me understand…….Maybe I am crazy…
I have a 12 year old niece that has had nightmares about the car….she has never seen the movie….
She is not blood kin she is the daughter of my brother in-law…. Where will this all end up?
I will try to respond to all that reply to this but I may not be in the same frame of mind when I do.
I am very tired right now…..I have worked on her snce 7:30 this morning and I just came in about 30 minutes ago….. I am rambling….. You can see her progress in my signature link but I have not updated it in a week or so. Her engine is finished. I don’t know what else to say…

I know this is all real now….I seen something tonight I am going to have to think about what I saw before I discuss it….

While I was outside in my garage working on her a thunder storm came and the lights went out….I was inside her working on a floor panel repair. In the darkness I no choice but stop what I was doing and wonder how I would make it to the door in the dark without killing myself…I managed to get out and head for the door after my eyes adjusted when I rememberd my cig/lighter were still in the car…when I turned there was a black figure sitting on the roof with it’s legs over the side…I was so shocked I stumbled and when I looked back it was gone…From my past experence as a sensitive all I can say is that whatever it was, it was bad…I instantly became sick and threw up, broke out into a cold sweat and feelt as if I might pass out….I have went through it in my mind and there is no reason these things should have happend….

I have found myself wanting to drink more often and I smoke like a fright train…Both thing I have done in the past just not as much as now…I also find myself swearing more than ever…I feel like I know what is happening but I can’t admit it to myself or anyone else….Her restoration is coming along well and the better she gets, the stronger everything seems to be.

I’m sorry and I think I know what I am asking for but…I just can’t get rid of her. The movie Christine is the reason I have wanted one since I was a young boy..Over all of the years “this one” is the only 2 door hard top I have ever touched. They are just so few left…Plus I could not afford the going price of 14K for a basket case car in much worse condition than mine… I lucked up with finding her again and at a price I could come up with fast…It has been my dream car since my childhood and I know if she ever left me I will never own another one….I have gone to a lot of trouble to make her a perfect clone of the movie car when she is finished.. should be around fall this year…Then I think things will get better…All that will be left to do is cruise around I don’t have any other projects now. I sold the Mach 1 to buy her then I sold the Drag car for the cash to restore her. I just can’t let her go. For lot’s of reasons. I am glad that you are concerned but getting rid of her is just not an option. I think I can make friends with whatever it is….

On the other questions, I am sure the car has never been crashed other than the one time. If she has then whoever did the repair is a GOD! because there is positivly no signs of any other repairs ever made. I have touched every square inch of her in the past months and I would have found it. There is nothing anywhere on her that I have not laid eyes on.
When she is finished and I am not so tired all the time I know things will be better.. Maybe it is all in my mind..You know I am sure that a tired brain can play tricks on you…. Reading back through the stuff I have wrote before it all seems so melodramatic on my part. I think there is something going on but How could it really hurt anything? I don’t think she is going to start driving and repairing herself.

Maybe it is SKS ….There are a few things that have happend that I have not mentioned here because then I know everybody would think I am crazy…..I guess what I am waiting for is for the right psy/med/sensitive or whatever to see the pictures of my car and see what I see….I know it’s there because a few have gotten close to seeing it. I have held back a bit of information about the car to see who get’s it right. Then I want to know how to get rid of or make friends with whatever in the he11 is living in there…Getting Rid of the Car is just NOT going to happen….. (to Kate I understand the ‘stang thing your boyfriend has..Been there done that check out the pictures). The above picture car belongs to a friend of mine that is in the Christine car club. He lives in CA..It is a move car used in the Mochie chase scene…..I know how ironic it is for me to be having these feelings about a “Christine Car” but none of what is going on has anything to do with the book or movie….I am a Paramedic so I have a very good understanding of mental illness….and in my opinion 99.9% of the time crazy people don’t know they are crazy….He11 I have known I was nuts since I was a kid…
I have been away from working on it for a while… I only put in about an hour yesterday and none today…I won’t today because I am working half a shift tonight for a buddy the my regular shift starts at 8 in the morning….Yes I can tell a difference in how my thought patterns are and some other stuff….I have tried the whole just telling it to leave me alone thing……Let’s just say that was a bad idea.

OK how about this, Electrical surges such as all lights becoming brighter and Im not talking about a little brighter but alot brighter…..There are things that can cause old charging systems to do such a thing but not on this level….Also everything that should be gounded has been double checked, and most of all of the charging system is new with the exception of the armature inside the generator (old cars had generators not alternators) She has done this with and without the engine running and there is no way to predict it other than I can promis you it won’t do it if there is anyone around other than me…..
Then there is the smell’s….I have experenced Chanell #5 many, many times…even with the interior completly removed so you can’t say it was a traped smell….and the time I got firm with her and “just go…leave me alone” I was assualted with a smell kind of like rotten eggs for a few days….Again if you let somebody walk in the shop besides me….Bam it was gone…
Then you have the sounds….I am not talking about a small sound of mice running (I don’t have mice that I know of) but the sounds of metal moving aganst metal and big bangs…but no signs of movement…
and last but certainly not least is the aura I have seen twice…just for a second…I raised the hood and it was as if there was a slight green mist or fog surrounding the engine…This is with a cold engine that had not been started in days……(think i’m crazy yet or seen the movie to many times) as quickly as it was there it was gone…

There is also my new feelings of fear I get sometimes when I am alone with her….These come mainly after I have been talking about her on this board….in a way it is almost like guilt….but in another way it is a feeling of dread….
There is also my 12 yo niece…..She has nightmares about the car and she has never seen the movie or read the book….
I think that is about it…

Thanks guy’s (and girls) No everone is correct, Getting rid of it is not an option. From just an investment standpoint that would be stupid….These car’s in the form of 2 door hard top are bringing 14 to 15K as basket cases in far worse condition than mine…A fury or authentic Christine clone can bring 50K or more when restored…..That is why it had to be fate for me to be able to own her for the second time…I could not afford buying one at 14k THEN restoring it…..As far as getting into our home finances I have not had to touch a penny….With the sale of the Mach 1 and the 5.0 Drag car I have had enough to purchase her and get all the nessary stuff to finish the restoration.

Jakob and Laurie Ann, Can you describe these “vibes” you get? I have pretty much been away from the car for 3 days now….
Anyway, Star…I don’t blame you for thinking I am crazy or full of s@it…From the outside looking in I guess that is what it seems….I mean how convenient is it? She is a Christine car….

I pretty much joined this board to try and learn more about my being a sensitive and have done so…it has been a God send with the car….Ohh and to the question about my wife feeling anything…..Nothing I am the only one but then again she is a total non beleaver in the supernatural..She is a Christian but that is the extent of it.

Gun control in Chicago; crime up 38%


Mr. Emanuel listed safer streets among his top three priorities when he became mayor a year ago, but Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, is now testing that promise. Homicides are up by 38 percent from a year ago, and shootings have increased as well, even as killings have held steady or dropped in New York, Los Angeles and some other cities. As of June 17, 240 people had been killed here this year, mostly in shootings, 66 more deaths than occurred in the same period in 2011.

“That’s somebody’s husband, somebody’s son, and they’re dying right on our block,” said Maya Hodari, who lives on a South Side street where two shootings have already taken place this year, one of them fatal and another as a toddler looked on. “It hurts.”

The violence has left its largest scars in some of Chicago’s most impoverished, struggling neighborhoods on the South and West Sides, places with views of the city’s gleaming downtown skyline that feel worlds apart. Wealthier, whiter parts of the city have not been entirely immune — shootings were reported in the last few days along the city’s Magnificent Mile shopping district and near the Lincoln Park Zoo — but a majority of the killings have been tied to Chicago’s increasingly complicated gang warfare, police statistics suggest, and to the gritty neighborhoods where gangs have long thrived.

There is no evidence of a broader crime wave; in fact, measures of crime apart from homicides, including rapes, robberies, burglaries and auto thefts, have actually improved by about 10 percent since a year ago.

“We’ve got a gang issue, specific to parts of the city, and we have a responsibility to bring a quality of life to those residents, and we are going to do it,” Mayor Emanuel, visibly vexed, said in an interview on Friday.

“My bigger issue is not only the homicides and shootings,” he added. “It’s what it does to all the legitimate citizens in that community and the kids.”

Gangs in this city have changed over the decades, splintering from a small set of well-established bands into hundreds of tinier groups with alliances so disparate and shifting that even a former Gangster Disciple member from the West Side, who refused to be named but revealed bullet scars during an interview as proof of his rougher days, said he could not begin to keep them all straight. In just the last two years, the police say, 500 monitored gang factions have fractured into more than 600, many of them with stunningly ready access to guns.

In one neighborhood last week, plainclothes officers searched parking lots and old addresses for 30 suspects as part of Superintendent McCarthy’s larger race to dismantle drug and gang operations. At one point, they said, they found themselves staring at a gun aimed at them by a man who was not even on the list of suspects they were searching for. Moments later, the gun lay shining on the ground, an officer’s shot left a bullet hole in a nearby car, and the man, 21, was added to the list of those arrested in the sweep — all before 11 a.m.

As in most of the nation’s big cities, killings have dropped precipitously in Chicago since the 1990s, as the police tried new approaches and crack cocaine faded. In the early 1990s, more than 900 people were killed annually here, a number that has long since shrunk and hovered around the 400s.

Homicides are down so far this year in New York and in Los Angeles, a fact that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s administration in New York has pointed to in defense of that city’s controversial stop-and-frisk program. But Chicago is not alone among major cities dealing with more killings. In Philadelphia, for instance, 173 homicides were reported as of June 20, compared with 143 in the same period last year.

Experts on crime say it is too early to know how much to make of the rise in killings here, particularly since a significant number took place in the first three months of the year — an oddly warm stretch for a city accustomed to winter hibernation and an accompanying chill in crime.

Mr. Emanuel’s critics blame his budget choices, at least in part. He consolidated three police districts, combined the police and fire headquarters, and reduced police spending by $67 million — mostly, his aides say, by removing more than 1,300 department jobs that had long gone unfilled but were left in city budgets only to be held up as savings on paper. Police union leaders argue that Mr. Emanuel should instead have filled any empty slots, however long they had been empty, with additional officers, and assert that the city has also failed to fill hundreds of slots left by retiring officers in recent years.

“Every district in the city is running short on manpower,” said Pat Camden, a Fraternal Order of Police spokesman. “It’s penny-wise and dollar foolish.”

But Superintendent McCarthy, who was director of police in Newark and deputy commissioner of operations in New York before Mayor Emanuel brought him here, says that the department’s new philosophy — one that includes a sharp focus on statistics and on building a deep knowledge within neighborhoods — is now aimed squarely at the gang problem, and that cost savings were matters of improving the department’s effectiveness, not shrinking it.

Nearly 1,100 officers who had been in administrative jobs or in special units have been sent back into police districts to work in neighborhoods. “Audits” of gangs — including details about members, turf fights and old grudges — are being used to try to prevent retaliation shootings.

Top ten and creepy

Photo credit: Wesley Johnston

On August 15, 1998, a car bombing took place in Omagh, Northern Ireland. It was carried out by the Real IRA and resulted in the deaths of 29 people, while further injuring over 200. The bombing took place during “the Troubles,” an ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland that lasted for over 30 years. The Omagh car bombing had the highest death toll of any incident during “the Troubles.”

The camera containing this picture was found buried beneath the rubble, boasting this snapshot of a quiet street moments before the impact of the bomb. One of the more poignant pictures published in the aftermath of the Omagh bombing, this image is now infamous. The serenity, the smiles, the unknown threat—it all makes for a truly harrowing image. One that inadvertently foreshadows a massacre, unbeknownst to the people in this snapshot frozen in time.

9The Final Moments Of Regina Kay Walters


Photo credit: Crime Library

Regina Kay Walters was a 14-year-old girl from Pasadena, Texas, who was murdered by a notorious serial killer, Robert Ben Rhoades. One of three victims—although Rhoades claims to have killed more—Walters was the unfortunate exception in the way Rhoades toyed with her. Rhodes cut her hair, dressed her up, and took pictures of her in distress—the most saddening of which is the picture you see above.

Robert Ben Rhoades was captured in September 1992, but not before taking two more lives. He was sentenced to life without parole and remains imprisoned in Texas to this day.

The picture of this young girl in her final moments—dressed, altered, and stranded with a monster like Rhoades—is a difficult thing to look at. The forceful nature of the lens being pointed at Walters and the look of desperation on her face make this picture a hideous display in human torture—a cat playing with a mouse. An image that will forever mark the breaking of one man’s psyche.

8Reynaldo Dagsa Assassination


Reynaldo Dagsa was a Filipino politician who was murdered by an armed assailant on New Year’s Day 2011. His murder gained worldwide notoriety due to the photograph he had taken of his family just seconds prior to the shooting, which captures the gunman aiming at Dagsa while his lookout stands guard.

As you can see in the picture above, Dagsa was snapping a shot of his wife, daughter, and another elderly female relative, when the shooter and his lookout appeared and were caught in the flash. The photograph was used as evidence by Dagsa’s wife, which lead to the almost-immediate arrest of both men, though it was believed that there was more to his death than what was originally perceived.

Although fascinating, this picture is a testament to the absolute absurdity of life: A man, only 35 years of age, at the very beginning of a new year, takes a picture of his loving family and simultaneously captures his own death in the lens? I guess it doesn’t matter who shot first.

7The Beas River Tragedy


Photo credit: Daily Bhaskar

On June 8, 2014, 24 engineering students from Hyderabad, India, lost their lives on a college trip when a sudden surge of water was released upstream from the Larji Hydroelectric Power Project on the Beas River.

The students of VNRVJIET were on an educational tour in Himachal Pradesh, traveling from Shimla to Manali, when the bus stopped so that the students could take pictures on the banks of the Beas River. Without warning, the floodgates opened and a torrent of water took the group of 24 by surprise, sweeping them away in an instant—an incident caused by gross negligence on the part of the Larji Hydroelectric Power Project.

While this picture should have been just another fond memory from a tedious college trip on the phone of one young student, it has instead become a harrowing look at the final peaceful moments of a group of friends who have now lost their lives.



Photo credit: Slant Magazine

The above picture—and the gaudy headline—used ever so eloquently by the New York Post (a paper generally not fit for cleaning one’s shoes), shows the final moments of Ki-Suk Han—a 58-year-old father and husband who was pushed in front of an oncoming train by Naeem Davis, a homeless man whom Han had argued with.

According to witnesses, Han may have initiated the exchange, drunkenly accosting Davis after leaving home intoxicated due to an argument with his wife. Although Naeem Davis blames his aggressive actions on multiple reasons—the voices in his head, drugs, and even a lost pair of boots (they were very nice boots)—he maintains that Han would not leave him alone, and that he acted accordingly upon being harassed. After originally pleading “not guilty,” Davis was later charged with second-degree murder after implicating himself in the investigation.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the death of Ki-Suk Han, this picture will forever remain a distressing look at the abrupt nature of death.

5The Public Suicide Of Budd Dwyer


Photo credit: PennLive

Robert Budd Dwyer was a politician serving as a Republican member of the Pennsylvania State Senate for over 10 years. He later served as the Treasurer of Pennsylvania until the day of his death—January 22, 1987.

After being convicted of having accepted a bribe, Dwyer called a press conference where he was to announce his resignation. Upon being found guilty, Dwyer faced up to 55 years imprisonment and a hefty fine of $300,000—an unjust punishment in the eyes of Budd Dwyer, since, many years later, ex-attorney William T. Smith admitted to lying under oath when accusing Dwyer of bribery.

The press conference was broadcast live to television audiences across the state of Pennsylvania. After part of his original speech had been read out, Dwyer stopped reading from his prepared text and began to hand out envelopes to his staffers. From the final envelope, Dwyer then produced a gun and said, “Please leave the room if this will offend you.” As friends and fellow cabinet members from the audience pleaded, he spoke and stuttered under the weight of their words, quickly pulling the trigger before he could be stopped—dying in office.

If, for some odd reason, you wish to see the video of Budd Dwyer’s suicide on live TV, you can find it on Youtube.

4The Death Of Travis Alexander


Photo credit: Examiner

You may have already seen this picture of 30-year-old Travis Alexander showering before being brutally murdered by his ex-girlfriend, Jodi Arias. It was widely distributed via news channels after the murder occurred. That cannot, however, take away from the impact the image has on the mind.

In 2008, friends found Travis Alexander dead in his home in Mesa, Arizona. He was found on the floor of his shower with 27 stab wounds, a slashed throat, and a gunshot wound to the head. Arias initially denied killing Alexander, stating that she believed he was murdered during a burglary, but she later changed her statement, saying that she killed Alexander in self-defense.

Jodi Arias is now in jail awaiting her sentencing trial, which will take place on September 8, 2014. You can view some of Arias’s original artwork here, if you’re into that sort of thing. Yet the chilling pictures of Travis Alexander in his final moments are not to be taken lightly and remain just as potent today as they ever were.

3James Bulger CCTV Image

3_James Bulger

In February 1993, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both 10 years old, murdered two-year-old James Bulger after kidnapping him from the Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle, Liverpool. The details of this case were to send a shock wave of panic across England, forcing parents to question what their children were capable of and what they were exposed to. The infamous CCTV image of young James Bulger being led away by his killers would grace the news channels for months to come, and it would forever remain a haunting look at an infant in his last hours.

Venables and Thompson lured James Bulger away from his mother and walked with him, hand-in-hand, to a railway embankment 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) away from the shopping center. Along the way, the boys were stopped multiple times, being asked if they were lost, needed help, and also being urged to take their “younger brother”—who would not stop crying—home.

James was found two days after his death, tied to a railway line in Walton. His extremely horrific injuries were covered in the media and sparked outrage at the leniency of the court’s decision regarding the incident. Venables and Thompson remained in young offenders’ institutions for eight years, getting psychiatric help until the age of 18. They were released with new identities and subsequently given care and security by the government. Because the government is always looking out for the right people. Right?

2Mark Chapman Meets John Lennon


Photo credit: Wikipedia

On the day that John Lennon died, the Earth stood still and mourned. In cities all over the world, distraught fans and music acolytes alike joined together and organized mass funerals in the name of one man. That was the kind of love that John Lennon aimed to inspire in people—a kind of musical kinship. Just one month prior to his death, John had released Double Fantasy—his long-awaited comeback album and his first solo effort in five years. This would be his final album.

On December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman shot and killed John Lennon at the entrance of The Dakota (the building where Lennon lived) in New York City. The delusional Mark Chapman decided to target Lennon because of his fame—though he just edged out Johnny Carson and George C. Scott. “If he was less famous than three or four other people on the list, he would not have been shot,” Chapman told police.

It was merely hours after this picture was taken that John Lennon was killed. The quiet, unassuming fan waiting for his autograph in the image above is none other than Mark David Chapman. Along with being Lennon’s killer, he was, unfortunately, also the last person to be photographed with Lennon alive.

Life is a journey; death will always be rife among those wanting to travel further and change things for the better, but like John Lennon once said, “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.”

1Two Brothers On Vacation


Photo credit: NBC News

In 1975, Michael and Sean McQuilken were just two smiling San Diego natives on a family vacation in California. Along with their sister, Mary, they posed for photographs with their hair raised, laughing at the strange situation, as others in the vicinity did the same. Moments after this picture was taken from atop Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park, the boys were struck by lightning, seriously injuring but—contrary to popular belief—not killing them.

This image has been recycled countless times over the years, mostly as a public service announcement to bring attention to lightning safety. The picture of the happy, carefree faces of the two brothers morbidly hints at the life-threatening danger that is imminent—a danger that, astonishingly, causes 24,000 deaths per year worldwide.

For that reason, this picture is still just as shocking now as it ever was.

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