Bourbon is taking “another break”

Bourbon’s luck has not been so good lately. He has faced some tough times and been very quiet since around this past Thursday. He may not be posting anytime soon. He would be the first to tell everyone not to worry. He seemed a little better today and joked around and sounded like the Bourbon we all love (we actually hate his guts).

Fans/readers of this site have read his articles about his ex, Liz Hanes. That’s right; I will give out her real name. He tried helping her out. She used him and lied to his face over the pettiest things. That had him stressed out for a few weeks. She snitched on friends during a drug trial, works at a doctor’s office where she still uses drugs and has recently been shot at. Smart woman – as in dumber than horse’s shit. I wonder what drugs caused her teeth to go bad?

Bourbon then met a gal at work. She asked him for his number and they had a date planned for this past Friday. Sadly this girl has a case of aspersers. Everything was going well up until Thursday night. The girl then blamed Bourbon for only wanting to take her out because he felt bad for her. I can tell you that wasn’t the case. Bourbon was very into the chick (she was cute). That really hurt his feelings when she canceled the date.

A friend of Bourbon’s from the Highlands Taproom, John G., passed away last week. Bourbon enjoyed talking to this man because he was a Military Veteran. Readers of this site know we support all branches of the Armed-Forces. John will be truly missed by many. I know Bourbon thought the world of the guy and enjoyed talking to him and sharing a beer, or two or three.

Don’t worry, this site will be up and running. He will be back. He was drunk last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. No, this had nothing to do with the above drama and bad times. Bourbon is normally drunk those days. Thanks for the support and don’t worry. Our site is not going anywhere!

People we all know

The guy who thinks the mullet is “cool”.

The crackwhore that offers cheap sex for money.

The hot sister of your friend that is “off-limits”.

The old black man who doesn’t trust whitey and hates our fucking guts.