Doss HS Parents React to Secret Video of Teacher

This teacher is either ugly or un-American. Every straight teen boy has that one teacher they dream of. How dare this commie report these two young men for doing what all young men do – daydream of good pussy!

Full Story here

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — Instead of hitting the books Wednesday, two Doss High School Students were getting booked.

Devon L. Ewing and Carlos Eugene Cain Jr., both 18, face felony charges for video voyeurism.

“Unfortunately, for whatever reason we don’t know why these youngsters made this decision. It was just a bad judgment call on their part, and it violated another individual’s rights, and there will be consequences,” spokesperson for the Jefferson County School System, Lauren Roberts said. 

The pair allegedly organized a plot where Ewing asked the female teacher for help, while Cain videotaped under her dress. The teens then posted the video to YouTube.

School officials say Ewing and Cain then bragged about the video to students.

“A student reported that to staff. We were able to identify the young men,” Roberts said.

As school let out on Thursday, parents told WHAS11 they felt sorry for the teacher involved.

“It’s out there now. You can’t pull it back. What can she do about it? It’s out there. It’s not her fault, but it’s out there,” Tracy Pinkney said.

A woman, at Ewing’s home, who would not Identify herself said, “He’s an angel,” when WHAS11 asked about Ewing.

Parents also say there needs to be tighter control of cell phones in the classrooms.

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