Codewords – what they actually mean

Middle-age, single, never been married man says, “I love to decorate, collect art and walk my dog in the park.”

Translation – I’m gay.

Woman with no picture on dating site says, “I’m thick in all the right places.”

Translation – I’m fat as a pig.

Man tells his guy friends, “My dick is huge.”

Translation – My dick is beyond small.

After five-minute sex woman says, “I had the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

Translation – That was the worst sex I’ve ever had in my life.

The Big Bar – cool new bar in Louisville

The Big Bar is a brand new bar located at 1202 Bardstown Road. They just opened last Tuesday in time for the Kentucky Derby. I actually know both co-owners from the Highlands Taproom. So when I was told they would be opening a bar of their own I was excited. I like supporting local business and I like both men who own the bar. I told both of them I would stop by opening week and have a drink (or two or three).

Both men are gay. I have no issue with that. I could care less what any two people do in private. So when I first heard about the bar I asked them what type of bar it would be? I was told “just a bar”. So I stopped by this past Friday, the day of the Oaks. I arrived at around 4:15PM. There were just two people, a man and a woman inside. Within the next hour or so the bar was packed. I quickly found out I was the only straight man in the bar.

Some men are complete homophobes. Years ago I was one myself in many ways. Now I see people as people. I had a blast. For some reason a lot of gay men like me. I had two drinks bought for me even though these gay men knew I was straight. Nobody made a pass at me or said anything perverted toward me. A few made jokes that it sucked I was straight. Hey, at least somebody finds me good looking!

The name “Big Bar” is a complete joke. The bar is very tiny. It looks nice. The paint job was done quite well and they keep the bar as clean as clean can be. They have a very small beer selection and a small, but great hard-liquor selection. My first drink was an Elijah Craig on the rocks, very tasty.  The prices are just a slight above average than what I am used to paying. Steve, the bartender working Friday was speedy and very friendly. He also seemed to have great knowledge about many of the drinks they serve.

If you are in any way, shape or form, homophobic, this bar is not for you. If you don’t like being crowded in small spaces, this bar is not for you. If you are into “Bardstown Road People Watching” this bar is located perfectly. If you like great service with a friendly attitude this bar is for you. Stop by and check out another great bar on Bardstown Road.