Kentucky Derby – time for unattractive women to dress like tramps

The Kentucky Derby is what Kentucky is all about. Unlike basketball where UofL and UK fans fight over state dominance, all people unite in Kentucky for the Derby. The parade brings children of all ages and backgrounds together. At the Oaks poor people can party like rich rock stars. At the Derby old and young, UofL and UK fans and the poor and rich stand side by side united as “My Old Kentucky Home” plays.  What a great time to be a Kentuckian.

For all the good there’s the bad. Drunks all over the place. Tons of crime it seems is always committed. And the worst of all, ugly unattractive women dressing like complete sluts. During the Derby 345 pound women seem to think wearing a mini-skirt is a good idea. Women with nasty spider-veins wear nearly nothing making us men puke up our Bourbon. Old women, 15 years past looking good show it all off. That is why I stay at home, miles away from this mess.

The girl in the middle looks good naked or nearly naked. The one next to her, not so good. Yet this slob will dress more like a slut than the hot one! Nobody wants to see your spider-vein legs!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, about what you’re wearing that………. No…………… Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could be wrong, but your dick could be bigger than mine.

3 responses to “Kentucky Derby – time for unattractive women to dress like tramps

  1. everything stated above is true. there’s always a hot chick or group of hotties that have the one ugly one with them!

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