Thanks to India

Since creating this site I have always been able to see how people find my site. It tells me what keywords, type of search or link they click to get here. Now I can see what country they are from. They just added this feature a few days ago. Most of my readers are from good ole’ America, mainly the United States with a few visitors from Canada. I also have a decent fan-base from Europe.

I was shocked to see that 16 hits came from India this past week. That basically equals out to less than 1% of my readers. Since there are nearly a billion people in India, I should expect more readers. From now on I will dedicate articles to the great people of India. India is a great nation. Most scholars believe “pale ale” beer came from there. Also, when I call Sprint customer service I normally get a man named “Bob” who speaks with an Indian accent.

(The cow is “holy” in India,)

(Anytime I call Sprint about customer service, I get her or her brother “Bob”)

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