Clay Travis must like balls in his mouth

Clay Travis is some nobody Tennessee beat writer. He’s like the 65th best known CBS Sports Writer. CBS is best known for their complete hatred of the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Team. Here are some comments/lies from some of their staff


Steve Kerr – UK has played a very weak non-conference schedule.

Me – Kansas, UofL, IU and UNC are weak? Two of those teams made the Final Four. Three of them made the Elite 8.

Hubert Davis – UK only weakness is the three point shot.

Me – They were second in the SEC in three point percentage. That’s bad?

Clark Kellogg – UNC is still the team to beat due to their experience.

Me – UK beat UNC. UK won it all. Case closed.

I posted the above comments because you can now understand the mindset of Clay Travis. Any team that beats Tennessee cheats. UK basketball cheats. Alabama football cheats. Travis should be an expert on cheating. Nobody does it better than Tennessee. When they aren’t busy cheating, they’re busy committing numerous crimes.

Below is all you need to know about Tennessee –

Three players arrested for robbery

More crime

Basketball players arrested

Bruce Pearl cheats

Football team proven to be cheaters

Clay Travis should suck balls for a living. He sucks as a sports writer.

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