Clay Travis must like balls in his mouth

Clay Travis is some nobody Tennessee beat writer. He’s like the 65th best known CBS Sports Writer. CBS is best known for their complete hatred of the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Team. Here are some comments/lies from some of their staff


Steve Kerr – UK has played a very weak non-conference schedule.

Me – Kansas, UofL, IU and UNC are weak? Two of those teams made the Final Four. Three of them made the Elite 8.

Hubert Davis – UK only weakness is the three point shot.

Me – They were second in the SEC in three point percentage. That’s bad?

Clark Kellogg – UNC is still the team to beat due to their experience.

Me – UK beat UNC. UK won it all. Case closed.

I posted the above comments because you can now understand the mindset of Clay Travis. Any team that beats Tennessee cheats. UK basketball cheats. Alabama football cheats. Travis should be an expert on cheating. Nobody does it better than Tennessee. When they aren’t busy cheating, they’re busy committing numerous crimes.

Below is all you need to know about Tennessee –

Three players arrested for robbery

More crime

Basketball players arrested

Bruce Pearl cheats

Football team proven to be cheaters

Clay Travis should suck balls for a living. He sucks as a sports writer.

UofL fans already talking trash about next basketball season

I admire UofL fans. Actually I don’t. They are the biggest group of bandwagon jumpers in the world. I wish I lived in the same fantasy world that they did. I’m going to be honest. I actually think that both IU and UofL will have better basketball teams than UK next year. That’s not counting injuries or off court issues. See, like most UK fans, I am honest. In the past three seasons UK has made three straight Elite 8’s, two Final Fours and of course, won the 2012 National Championship. What is there to complain about?

This is why I love UofL fans. They prove how fake they are daily. They make my job too easy. Let’s take a look over 2011-2012 basketball season.

  1. 1.       UofL is preseason #7. UofL fans trash talk. This is “their year”.
  2. 2.       UofL loses two straight to Georgetown and UK. Pitino sucks and Siva sucks.
  3. 3.       UofL gets hammered by Providence. Pitino should resign.
  4. 4.       UofL finishes 10-8 in Big East play. Pitino should be fired along with the entire coaching staff.
  5. 5.       UofL wins Big East Tournament. See, we told you once we got healthy we could beat anyone.
  6. 6.       UofL makes Final Four. Pitino is better than Coach Calipari.
  7. 7.       UK beats Baylor and  “UofL is lucky to be here, UK was expected to be here.”
  8. 8.       UofL is easily beaten by UK. UK cheats, of course.

So what is it? UofL is great, sucks or what? UofL fans, shut up! You were expected to compete for a Final Four. You were preseason #7! Make up your mind. Hell, don’t take my word for it. I can provide Courier-Journal letters you wrote and messages from your own message boards. You win; your team rocks. You lose and they suck. Be a real fan and stand by your team!

I can dig a little deeper. Someone on KSR wrote this. This person is 100% correct –

2003 – UofL is a basketball school

2004 – Basketball school

2005 – Football school

2006 – Football school

2007- Football school

2008 – Basketball school

2009 – Basketball school

2010 – Basketball school

2011 – Soccer school

2012 – Baseball/Softball school

Which sport do you follow? I know – whichever one you’re good at! Maybe next year UofL will be the best Water Polo team! That would be like me pretending to give a shit about UK’s tennis team or Cheerleading squad.

Thank God I like normal sex

I don’t judge anyone. Okay, that’s a lie. I do, just not to their faces. I love women. Nothing is sexier than a woman in hot lingerie. I don’t have any odd fetishes. In the past I like for the woman I am with to maybe wear a naughty nurse outfit or Catholic school girl outfit. But that is far as I go. Compared to some, my fetishes are “PG”.

Spanking – Not sure why this is fun. I have done that as a tease, but the whole spanking thing is odd. What am I, “the daddy?”

Candle Wax – Hey, pour hot wax on me. No thanks. What happens if I get second degree burns in the wrong place? Or I accidentally set the house on fire?

Gimp mask – I don’t even know what to say about this one.

Threesome – Sounds fun on paper. Who am I kidding? I can’t handle one woman. Why disappoint two?

Choking – Why is this fun? What’s next, beating her with a lead pipe?


Thanks to India

Since creating this site I have always been able to see how people find my site. It tells me what keywords, type of search or link they click to get here. Now I can see what country they are from. They just added this feature a few days ago. Most of my readers are from good ole’ America, mainly the United States with a few visitors from Canada. I also have a decent fan-base from Europe.

I was shocked to see that 16 hits came from India this past week. That basically equals out to less than 1% of my readers. Since there are nearly a billion people in India, I should expect more readers. From now on I will dedicate articles to the great people of India. India is a great nation. Most scholars believe “pale ale” beer came from there. Also, when I call Sprint customer service I normally get a man named “Bob” who speaks with an Indian accent.

(The cow is “holy” in India,)

(Anytime I call Sprint about customer service, I get her or her brother “Bob”)