Trayvon Martin case – get a fucking life

What happen to Trayvon Martin is sad. A 17-year-old boy is dead. I feel for his parents. I actually believe the police have done a shitty job. At the same time, I’m sick of this damn case. The case no longer has anything to do with his death (or murder once we know the actual proof).

Stop blaming whitey. George Zimmerman is not even white! Hell, he doesn’t even look white. Stop playing the race card. A grown man (Zimmerman) shot and killed a child (Martin). Why does race even have to be an issue?

Listen, asshole, stop calling for the arrest of Zimmerman. Do you know the facts? No, and neither do I. I’m pretty sure in American you’re “innocent until proven guilty”. They teach that by the time you enter the second grade.

Seriously, who gives a fuck what you think? Learn the correct address next time, dumbass.