Rules of being a Louisville Cardinals Fan

1. Grow a line beard. Nothing looks more “manly” than a peach fuzz beard.

2. Wear a “wife beater”. If wearing a wife beater isn’t your thing you can wear ECHO, FUBU or Tapout hoodies.

3. Wear UofL hats incorrectly like sideways, backwards or way too loose.

4. Live in the past. Remind everyone that in 1986 UofL won it all since most people don’t remember.

5. Pretend you know about other sports besides UofL basketball. When you lose to UK you can tell them how UofL’s soccer or field hockey team is better than theirs!

6. Drink Crown Royal. Let UK and their fans drink that “fancy” Bourbon. Stick to what you know best.

7. Blame and boo the refs during every call. Remember, UK and every team UofL plays has to cheat to beat you.

8. Overrate your players. Pretend the slow white guy that can’t run, sucks at defense and can’t make his own shot is awesome.

If you can follow all of those rules, you’re on your way of becoming a true UofL fan!

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