Crybaby comments from UofL fans after they lose

Someone left this one a friend’s Facebook page -

Christopher Clemons I’m sorry, we were too busy polishing our Orange Bowl trophy.. we actually have a football team here too!

What? LOL they are bragging about football and a trophy they won five years ago.

This was one of my “friends” Facebook feed -

  • Sad the Cards didn’t win. We could have but we blew it in the last 10 minutes of the game. I ain’t hating though, but damn Kentucky walked so much tonight I thought they were walking for the cure or some ish! Lol. Proud of my teams. Many of my friends and family who are KY fans said Louisville wouldn’t even make it to the tournament, and we made it to the Final Four! So put that in you r pipe and smoke it!

Yes, the refs “cost” UofL the game. Nevermind the fact they shot like 35% and had no answer inside the paint against Davis or Miller.

Also taken from a “friend’s” Facebook feed -

I think the only way I could be prouder of what my Cardinals accomplished this year is if they HAD won this game. Seriously…no one, anywhere, thought we would have gotten to the Final Four and there we were. I’m so proud to be a Cards fan and to live in Louisville. Go Cards! I love you!

If I recall history, and I do, you were preseason top 10 and climbed as high as 4th in the polls. Actually everyone expected UofL to be good in basketball. Sad their own fans disrespect them in that manner!

From Twitter -


September 1, 2012. Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. See you there, BBN. Pay back will be sweet. UK played well tonight, though

So now you are a “football school”? That’s priceless!

Also from Twitter -

Jake Highley @Jake_LCN

I think by watching this game it’s clear that the best two teams in the country play ball in this state

Retweeted by theCardNation
No, sir. Kentucky and Kansas are the best two teams in the nation. UofL was just another team that UK had to beat.

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