IU Basketball is back

In recent months there has been tons of trash talking between UK and IU fans. Back in December of 2011, IU beat UK on a last second shot. UK did all they could to lose that game. They had numerous turnovers, missed free throws, lay-ups and their best player Anthony Davis was in foul trouble. Even with all of that going wrong, IU had to win with a last second shot.  All that matters is the final score which was IU 73, UK 72.

After that game UK won 24 straight. IU did have great wins against Ohio State and Michigan State; however, they had embarrassing losses to Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota. They were also blown out in the rematches against both Ohio State and Michigan State. Point being – UK was still the better team even though IU had beaten them in December. Of course IU fans disagreed and believed IU was better than UK.

Last night UK  and IU played again. Things were different. UK did not miss free throws. IU didn’t sink 9 out of 15 three pointers. Terrance Jones actually showed up and played. IU wasn’t at home with their 17,000 insane racist fans and hometown refs. UK cruised to a 102-90 victory. UK proved that the last second win back in December was a fluke.

I’m not bad mouthing IU. IU had a great season. Last night IU would have beaten any team left in the NCAA tournament besides UK. IU shot over 50% from the field, shot well from the free throw line and got UK’s best player once again in foul trouble. They also scored 90 points. Unfortunately for them they played UK. Every time IU made a shot, UK matched it. IU was outplayed, outcoached, and outmatched. What can you do?

IU basketball is back. They have great players returning and one hell of a recruiting class coming in. They are well coached and even I will admit, they have a loyal fan base. I hate to say this, but I believe IU will be the best area team next year, unless UK lands some of the blue-chip recruits they are still after. Look for IU to be preseason top 5 next year.

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