How to get laid 101

Go for fat women. You can shake your head no all you want. Fat women are some of the best freaks out there. If you are a decent looking guy they will jump all over you. Since most don’t look good, they make up for it in other ways, normally sexually ways.

Go out with an ugly-average chick. They normally have hot friends. By dating the “ugly duckling” you will make her hotter friends see you as a great guy. You may have to sleep with the ugly one a few times before nailing her hotter friends, but hey, at least you are getting laid!

The drunk girl that we see at every party. She is so wasted she will laugh at all your bad jokes, believe any lie you tell her and can’t tell if you look like Brad Pitt or Pee-Wee Herman.

Older women that just been through a divorce. If you are age 18-30, go for a chick in her 40’s that just had a recent divorce. More than likely she is horny, sad, needs someone to listen to her (you only listen for the booty) and will be flattered that a younger man is into her.

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