Kentucky Sports Radio people cry about Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight hates Kentucky. I’ve known that my whole life. I was born in 1981. From the year I was born until around 1990 or 1991, Bobby Knight was one of basketball’s best coaches. He won three Nationals Titles, a Gold Medal and just about everything else in between. He retired a legend. Only a handful of coaches have accomplished the same or more than Knight.

Personally I pay no attention to anything Knight says or does these days. His last decade at Indiana wasn’t about winning games. Instead it was about cussing out interviewers, refs or attacking his players with chokeholds. Knight was fired and then took a job at Texas Tech. There he coached in front of half-empty arenas and did nothing (besides cuss out more refs and people he didn’t like).

Kentucky Sports Radio is upset because Bobby won’t mention Kentucky on TV. He won’t admit they are a good team nor have the best player in the nation, Anthony Davis. Do these losers lack a life that bad that Bobby Knight not mentioning Kentucky hurts their little feelings? Not once have I seen Coach Cal or Davis make an issue of this. You know why? Davis is out there to win. He works hard daily to be as great as he is. Matt Jones and company are sports nerds that sucked so bad at sports that all they can do is complain about it.

Knight is an idiot. He’s a known liar, bully and ass. I will say this in defense. He won 900 games on the National College Basketball level. He won three National Championships. Matt Jones is a lawyer that only athletic ability is in his wrists due to masturbating to Joe B. Hall pictures. My life is too fun that I don’t follow every comment Knight says or won’t say. I love UK basketball. Bobby hates UK. And to be frank, I don’t give a shit.

Today KSR and company took their lust over Knight to a new level. Someone called Knight on his personal cell phone (sounds like harassment). Knight asked the caller how he got the number and this gutless loser wouldn’t tell Knight. After a few tries of trying to get an answer, Knight hung-up. I’m actually on Knight’s side. When people call me and won’t explain who they are or how they got my number, I also hang-up. Sounds like typical hack-journalism.

To avoid Knight is simple. Do what I do. Don’t pay attention to anything he says. Knight was in the spotlight from about 1970-1991. Unfortunately for him that light burned out around 1990 or 1991. I enjoy Kentucky basketball no matter what people say. I’ve seen the great times; I’ve seen the bad times and everything in between. And I’ve loved every second of it.

(Matt Jones, leader of the KSR losers)

3 responses to “Kentucky Sports Radio people cry about Bobby Knight

  1. bourbonhoundy you are dumb as f**K, nobody cares about the former coach of that team from the Big Ten. The point is that he is an analyst, and refuses to say anything about UK or its players. When asked about the best players in the country, never mentioned Anthony Davis, who I think just got “Player of the Year”. Right? Who cares what bobbi night says, (spelled wrong on purpose). NOBODY. I think it’s hilarious how he acts, makes himself look even worse. Also think it’s great that KSR makes a point of showing how he is. And, KSR isn’t the only people doing pointing out what he is doing. What do you care what anyone says or does to bobbi night anyway? Are you just trying to get some traffic on this crappy site? My opinion about this site – “” doesn’t exist. This is my first time on this website and it will be my last. I think you should post a picture of yourself so everyone will know what the leader of the strangebrew losers looks like, instead of hiding behind a screen name. but, I’m sure you’re too much of a pu**y to do that.

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