People we all know

(gay guy that is still in denial)

The gay man that is still in the closet. He listens to Lady Gaga, Elton John and enjoys Disney Movies. Everyone knows he’s gay but he still won’t come out of the closet

 (fat chick that thinks she is hot)

Most men (99%) avoid her at all costs. Nobody finds her sexy. Nobody wants to see her in the clothes she wears. In her mind, she’s a perfect ten.

 (the guy that can’t sing but thinks he’s the next American Idol)

When he takes the stage at the karaoke bar, 75% of the people in the bar leave. Yet he still thinks he’s the next Elvis.

 (the guy that’s an expert on everything)

Talk about any subject, he knows more than you. In truth, the man is dumber than Forrest Gump.

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