Backpage – making Craigslist look PG

I’m sure by now you’ve read our “Craigslist” article. Craigslist has been in the news many times. Numerous women have been arrested due to prostitution, kids kidnapped and a woman was even murdered by a man she met off of Craigslist. The site clearly does not do a good job keeping people safe. Then again, what do you expect from a site that’s free to use?

 Craigslist is “PG” when compared to Backpage. Backpage is a “classified” site that is home to hookers. They even have an escort, stripper and “body rub” section. The site warns that “money for sex” is illegal, yet they do very little to stop it. Click on any escort ad and you will find exactly what you think you would: sluts willing to fuck or suck for cash.

 Nothing is funnier than reading these ads. I love the hookers that post in the bottom of their ads that by agreeing to meet them and use their services, you promise not to be working with “law enforcement”. Others make the claim that you are “paying for their time” only. Yes, I would pay an escort to come over and talk politics. Anyone that uses an escort isn’t paying for their time. You’re paying for a blowjob or straight up sex. Who do these women think their fooling?

 Sometimes people post complaint ads about certain escorts. Some are about women who take the money up front and run off without performing a service. Some are about how doped up these women are once they arrive. A hooker on drugs? No way, that never happens! My favorites are the men that are upset that the $50 whore that showed up and looks nothing like the supermodel in the pictures. Nobody ever lies on the internet!

 Listen, I have nothing against men paying for sex. But come on, use some common sense. Do you truly think meeting women off a site like this is normally safe or legit? If you do use one of these ladies, don’t be shocked once she shows up that she isn’t pretty like in her pictures, the fact you may be robbed or that her dick is bigger than yours. Take it from me, keep it simple, and use street walking hookers!

This is the girl from the ad

This is the woman that shows up at your house

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