Just so you know – suck our dicks (if you are female we actually mean it)

Two weeks ago someone reported our site. It was shut down for nearly 20 hours. They reported our site for “advertisement”. Of course we don’t sell anything what so ever here on Louisville’s Strange Brew. We have no desire to make a buck. We all do this site for fun and nothing more. As soon as we contacted the company that allows us access on their server, our site was back up and running.

You can report our site all you want. Nothing is going to happen. We have back-ups in place just in case one server actually agrees to shut us down. If we go down today, we’ll be back up tomorrow. However, I highly doubt this current server company will shut us down for good. We obey all the rules and guidelines. We don’t promote nudity, porn or scams trying to steal your money.

We have our share of haters. One actually contacted our founder pretending to be a fan asking him for “nude pictures”. Good try but you lost. The same can go with you reporting this site. It may take us down for a few hours but we’ll be back up and running ASAP. So you can go fuck yourself. Get a life. If you don’t like this site, don’t fucking read it!

Below are some of haters who may or may not be reporting us –

Liz Hanes, a fat ex of Bourbon’s Stilz. He left her because she was a liar that abused drugs. While dating she was facing numerous charges due to drugs – heroin being her favorite poison. In the past Liz and her friends have tried to take this site down before. Of course we have easily won every battle against them!

It seems Liz’s parents have ripped off numerous banks also. They have been served a few times by different banks. Her parents are David Hanes and Shirley Hanes. Click here to read about the warrants issued for them.

Jessica Marcum, another ex of Bourbon’s hates us. Her and Bourbon were actually good friends. She then got mad over an article we wrote dealing with Casey Anthony. We’re not going to say more because nobody cares what she and her redneck inbred husband thinks. She is likely someone that reports us.

Religious people hate us. I’m guessing these hypocrites are offended by our site. Oh well, we have two things – freedom of speech and the greatest gift from God, free will.

2 responses to “Just so you know – suck our dicks (if you are female we actually mean it)

  1. You guys are very funny. There are far too many people in this world who don’t have a fucking clue what satire is…too bad for them. I will be stopping by to get a chuckle when I’ve sobered up and realize my life is boring. Cheers!

  2. i like this site but bourbon’s taste in women is horrible. i wouldn’t fuck either one of those bitches with my own worst enemy’s cock.

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