Occupy Louisville’s Donald James Baum fucks underage kids – what a shock

Not a shock to the staff here at Louisville’s Strange Brew. Baum can find time to molest teens but not a job. The courts should hang this pervert.

Full story here

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — An Occupy Louisville protester who was arrested Saturday for allegedly assaulting a cop is once again back behind bars, but this time it’s for a different reason.

The I-team discovered 42-year-old Donald James Baum is a registered sex offender who has moved around Louisville and has lied about his address for years.

Baum’s most recent address was at the Occupy Louisville encampment at Founder’s Square where he shared a tent with his boyfriend. Police said Baum lied to officers about where he actually lives, and in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, that’s a felony.

“Yes. I am part of the 99 percent,” Baum said Monday.

He is also part of a much smaller group – he’s listed on the Kentucky Sex Offenders Registry.

Baum first came to our attention Saturday when he was arrested after grabbing a police officer during a protest outside a Chase Bank branch.

“Sometimes violence is a good thing,” he said after being bailed out on that charge Monday night.

“Donald Baum is one of my associates with Occupy Louisville. He is also my lover,” David Barfield, who went Metro Corrections to bail Baum out, said.

Barfield said he didn’t know Baum had been in prison in Kansas and Texas prior to moving to Louisville.

(When not looking for work he fucks children)

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