Rules of making a black sitcom

From time to time I watch BET and TBS. Both are filled with Black “comedy” sitcoms. Not trying to sound like an ass, but if you see one, you’ve seen them all. Every black comedy show is exactly the same. Below are the rules of making a black sitcom.

1 – The Hardworking Black Father. He works hard to support his family. He never gets the raise he should and believes that’s due to the fact he’s black. His wife is bossy and runs the household while his children don’t appreciate his hard work.

2 – The Black Housewife – She’s a good mom known for her temper. She controls the household, mainly bossing her husband around. She has an annoying younger sister that comes over from time to time. With that said, she’s a caring wife and mother.

3 – The Wife’s sister – She fits almost every stereotype of a black person. When not getting her nails done she’s having man trouble. She talks “ghetto” and her brother-in-law can’t stand her coming over.

(“No he didnt,” says the ghetto sister with her sassy bad self.)

4 – The Father’s brother – A complete pervert. Hits on his brother’s wife and her sister every time he’s around them. Normally is jobless but less annoying than the wife’s sister.

5 – The Son – He’s a decent student that plays a sport (normally basketball or football). Sometime during the series he will try drugs or alcohol that totally disappoints and shocks his parents.

6 – The Daughter – She is in between her mom and aunt. She is mean to her brother and takes advantage of her father. Loves shopping and does well in school. She will always date boys her parents hate.

7 – Grandfather – He grew up during the Civil Rights Movement. Doesn’t trust white people and complains how the black youth of today don’t understand the struggles he faced.

8 – The Mother of the Wife – She loves her grandkids and hates her son-in-law even though he’s a good father and hard worker. She tells her daughter over and over she could have done better and should have married a rich man.

9 – The Preacher – Might be a man of God but you would never know it. He checks out women and drinks. When not preaching he’s gambling on sports.

10 – The Nerdy White Kid – Biggest loser in school but the black kids of the show are his best friends. He develops a crush on the black daughter who has no interest what so ever in him.

(He has no friends until he meets the main character’s children. They will teach him how to dance before season one is done.)

11 – The White Boss – Actually a nice guy that tries his best to make black people like him, normally trying too hard and ends up saying things that appear racist. He is the butt of jokes behind his back due to his hair piece, not being able to dance at the Christmas party and having a hot wife half his age that only married him for his money.

Other rules –

There will be a barber shop that will play a major role in the show.

(One-third of the show plots will take place here.) 

Famous black people such as Al Sharpton will make guess appearances from time to time.

“White people” jokes will be made every episode.


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