The day Louisville banned strip clubs

Five years ago a friend of mine got married. That was the last time I was in a strip club. Sure, I had fun, what straight man wouldn’t?  I was completely surrounded by naked women, most of them decent looking. Strip clubs serve a purpose, I guess. They are good for bachelor parties, loneliness and a night out with the guys. Not really my cup of tea, but hey, this is America, land of the free.

When Louisville passed a law banning nudity at strip clubs, I laughed. Our city won’t do a thing about oil companies jacking gas prices, but they will ban some tits from being displayed in a private business. The only people offended by tits are zealous religious freaks, feminists and losers with no life. It’s not like kids were being exposed to the nudity. Besides, Jesus liked whores, he preached to them. Not even sure why the religious nuts even cared.

Stripping is a job. Who cares if a woman shows her body to earn cash? If you don’t like strippers, don’t visit strip clubs. Like I said, I’m not a big fan. That’s why I don’t go. I could care less about the man next door. If he likes sticking dollar bills in G-strings, good for him, just don’t bring the herpes over to my place. It’s none of my business who is a stripper or who enjoys visiting strip clubs.

Why ban stripping? Everyone knows that these women are doing this to pay for college. All strippers are studying to be doctors, lawyers and veterinarians. Banning nudity at strip clubs will destroy the medical field in the long run. Who is going to defend you in court when we have a shortage in lawyers? How will boys turning 18 finally experience manhood without nude women? I thought I lived in America, not communist China!

Stripping is part of American culture. Hell, I enjoy my wife doing a little strip tease for me. Who cares if “Joe Blow” down the street likes them from Bambi the stripper? If I wanted women to always cover up I would move to a Muslim country. America is the land of thighs, ass and nice tits. Most of Western Europe and Asia is ahead of us in education. The way things are going they may be ahead of us in nude strip clubs. This is not the America my dad grew up in. Nothing is better than an American woman naked! So who cares if she does it swinging from the pole?

4 responses to “The day Louisville banned strip clubs

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