Chane Behanan – Louisville’s asshole of the year

Meet our local asshole of the year, Chane Behanan. His ignorance, lack of common sense and stupidity fits right in at Louisville. He is one of Pitino’s finest. Once upon a time, Pitino recruited blue chip future NBA players like Jamal Mashburn, Tony Delk, and Antoine Walker. He now brings in thugs like Terrence Jennings, Edgar Sosa and now, Chane Behanan.

I kind of feel sorry for Chane. First off, his name is Chane. Did his parents mean Shane? I guess I need to study my Ebonics 101 a little bit more. The kid was born with a stupid name and it seems his IQ level is not much better. I guess we shouldn’t expect a whole lot from someone named Chane.

Chane told the media Louisville would go undefeated this year. Maybe Chane should do some research. The last team to go undefeated was Indiana back in 1976. See Chane, teams don’t go undefeated these days. UK in 1996 was as good as they get and they lost two games. You really believe that your average U of L team would go undefeated? One point for being a complete moron.

After doing nothing against UK yesterday, Chane said things would have been different if he stayed out of foul trouble. I guess I pay more attention to his playing abilities than Chane does. He played most of the game against Georgetown and they lost. Nothing Chane did in that game made a difference. If you can’t help Louisville beat Georgetown, how were you going to help them beat UK?

Chane prior to the game said it would be a classic. MMM, no. UK against UNC was a classic. Even UK losing to IU was a classic. I saw UK beat Louisville with Terrence Jones hurt. Besides early in the game, UK led for 98% of the game. Louisville looked like a team that didn’t even belong on the court with UK. They sure as hell don’t belong in the top ten. I saw an easy win, not a classic game.

Pitino better stop all interviews with Chane. What will the kid predict next? Is he going to the moon? Will he claim he’s Freshman of the Year? Big East Player of the Year? This year’s first round pick in the NBA draft? So far Chane is wrong on every predication he’s made. I hope he keeps making them. Go ahead and say Louisville will beat UK next year. Your comments seem to be good luck for UK.

Chane is at Louisville for a reason; schools like UK, UNC and Duke recruit better players. If he played at UK he would be their 4th best Freshman. Much like Peyton Siva, tons of hype, nothing to show for. Siva is 0-3 against UK and I am guessing things won’t play out much better for Chane-boy. I’m happy he didn’t pick UK. I would be embarrassed to have a moron like him wearing a UK jersey. Good game yesterday, Chane. You kept the bench warm for your teammates.

10 responses to “Chane Behanan – Louisville’s asshole of the year

  1. You obviously don’t have very much of an iq yourself. Edgar Sosa a thug? You failed to mention Demarcus Cousins, oh wait he didn’t go to UofL did he? And don’t forget CHANGE was recruited by coach Cal as well as a dozen other premier programs. And they didn’t belong on the court with UK? You mentioned Jones being hurt but you left out UofLs half dozen injuries and without UofKs 43 Freethrows they wouldve lost. they had more turnovers, shot 29%. Louisville made more FGs and 3s than they did.

  2. Mike, two things -

    UofL lost and has no wins against any top 25 teams.

    Cousins, unlike Sosa and Jennings never had trouble with the law.

    UofL fans and their ignorance, priceless.

  3. Bourbonhound, after reading some of your posts I think you should have been awarded this ASSHOLE of the year award!! The comment you made about this kids parents was uncalled for and idiotic! The ebonics comment was racists, but I guess coming from a redneck, honky, trailerpark trash, white motherfucker like you it’s to be expected!! A few of your post are clear envy of this kid. Get off his dick and get over the fact that you are not relevant. Chane made a comment about his team being the best “in his eyes” not a prediction, but all you inbred ass lexington/UK fans need to get a life and find something better to do with your time other than living out your basketball wish-I-could-haves through these kids. Suck CHANE BEHANAN’S Big Black Dick!!!! ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Absolutely nothing you said was racist . At what point do the people screaming for others to not be racist stop doing the exact thing they complain about? Keep it classy Terry Lynn…trying to figure out how you know the size of his male anatomy.

  4. what do you say to an inbreed jealous hillbilly? you wish you had 1% of what CHANE HAVE!!! And thats without the basketball..your ebonics are not the only place you’re lacking. get you a life

  5. Terry, I’ve learned three things from your comments -

    1- you’re slightly mentally disable

    2 – you like black cock

    3 – you have a gay crush on me

    Learn to spell and learn GRAMMAR!

  6. What does “slighlty disable” mean? Did you mean “slightly disabled”? How does someone criticise grammer while screwing it up themselves? I’m confused…maybe its just because I am a UK fan.

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