Recent “gang” problem in Louisville

I’m sick of the recent Louisville “gang” issue. There are basically two sides.


1 – white people blaming the black community


2 – black people blaming white people for being racist



Both sides are stupid. It’s the government’s fault. They care more about Derby time and wearing red to support U of L than solving these issues. When black and white people argue like this, the government which hates all people equally, wins. Race is not the issue.


I grew up in Crescent Hill. The area is more diverse than people think. A lot of African Immigrants lived within 2-3 blocks from my childhood home, due to the Southern Baptist Seminary being near. That also brought a lot of Asians to the area, people of Middle Eastern descent and just about every other ethnic group known to man.


While the Highlands are known for “gay men,” Crescent Hill was known for gay women. Crescent Hill is just like the Highlands. You will see interracial couples, gay couples and everything in between. My point is simple. These diverse people didn’t cause crime, trouble or a decrease in land value.


When it comes to the West End, white people assume blacks are to blame. Blacks then turn around and blame whites for being racist and not caring. Sadly, both sides are wrong. We have a local government that does nothing. How about the Mayor reaches out to these people instead of worrying about what famous people are coming to town for the Derby. Maybe spend less time building more dog parks for them to shit in. My dog will shit anywhere, just saying.


If blacks can do well in Crescent Hill, there’s no reason they can’t in the West End. If whites from Crescent Hill can accept black people as equal, why can’t all of Louisville? I grew up near every race known to man and never walked outside in fear. Reading comments from ignorant people on sites such as FaceBook is beyond pathetic.

Exposed: Sandy Hook shooter’s biggest threat still lives

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Exposed: Sandy Hook shooter’s biggest threat still lives

by Jon Rappoport

January 26, 2014

Adam Lanza, the purported Sandy Hook School shooter, is the subject of an ongoing investigation in Connecticut. No, it’s not a police probe, it’s about “mental health.”

The investigation is all about Lanza’s medical history, what diagnoses were made, who the doctors were, what psychiatric drugs they prescribed Lanza.

The Governor of Connecticut is ultimately in charge, in order to make recommendations about improving “mental health” in the state and preventing future violent tragedies.

But the inquiry has stalled. And stalled.

Despite multiple agencies apparently having possession of Lanza’s medical/psychiatric history, these reports have been held close to the vest and not released.


There are a number of reasons.

First and obviously, the psychiatric drugs didn’t make Lanza better, they made him worse; and some of those drugs, like the SSRI antidepressants, are known…

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Tiger Woods liked pussy – who fucking cares?

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Remember a few years back when Tiger Woods was caught banging some high class whores? The sports media (and media) went nuts. Apparently Tiger liked pussy. I mean, not like he was already married to a hot super model wife. Wait, yeah he was. The obsession of this story was mind-boggling. It was like Tiger murdered his children or something.

(PGA Legend – 14 Majors and 34 cases of the clap.)

I barely paid attention to the story. I could care less that Tiger was having threesomes with hot white women. If anything, I was jealous. Men cheat on their wives daily. Do we hear about it? Of course not. Who fucking cares? Tiger’s love of good pussy doesn’t erase his 14 PGA Majors or millions he donated to charity.

Tiger was by far, not the first world class athlete to bang whores. Babe Ruth had numerous children by numerous…

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